I want to change the filter on my picture first where do I do that?

When we built Frame Club we took into account that within your phone Instagram and any other social platform that you have access to a suite of editing tools. Our advice is to get your images thoroughly ship-shape before you go through the Frame Club process.


I’m getting a file too small error message?

We can frame pretty much any image but when the pixel size gets too small it’s likely that the quality of your picture is not going to look great in a frame so we have set a low bar at 600 x 600 Pixels. You can still press ahead but be warned that it might end in tears.


Is there a maximum file size?

We draw the line at trying to re-create a Gursky but if you are prepared to wait and have a decent upload speed you can pretty much put any size image into a Frame Club frame. But at a 5” x 5” image – you don’t really need too.


I’m not sure my order went through?

Once you have placed an order with Frame Club we will ping you an email just to confirm it all and the delivery details. So if you have had no order confirmation it might not have gone through or perhaps your finger slipped on your email address. Don’t panic just drop us an email at info@frameclub.co.uk and we’ll get you sorted.

What paper do you use?

We use a premium heavy rag paper which creates a robust and vibrant finish for your photos. Plus, because nothing is bonded within the frame, you can easily have us print out another batch of images and replace them for you!

Tell me more about the frame quality?

We are certain that you are going to be wowed by our frames. We’ve taken close to a year to get everything just right and use only the best materials including sustainably sourced wood. Our cornering work is tight and the pictures are set back deep into the frame to give your pictures a clean and high quality appearance. 


In our research we checked out several framing apps and websites and were universally disappointed with the frames which were plastic moulded, made with cheap wood or badly put together. Often the picture quality was woeful or poorly printed on to cheap photo paper that was then badly processed or not straight in the frame.


How are my pictures delivered?

All our Frame Club pictures are delivered in bespoke packaging that looks a little like a pizza box to keep your frame in perfect condition. Our 1 image and 4 image frames are despatched by Second Class Royal Mail and for mainland postcodes will arrive in 3-5 days. If you live in Highlands Islands wetlands or Ireland it will take a little longer. For our 9 image frames we use DPD local as they are way too big to fit into a post box. We also have an Express service through DPD that is tracked and guarantees delivery within 72 hours depending on when your order is processed. If you are making several orders at once then we will get them to you in the most efficient way possible and normally by single consignment for up to 5 frames. If you are looking to order for European or international destinations then give us a shout at info@frameclub.co.uk and we will work out the quickest and most cost-efficient way of getting your pictures there.


Can I change my order once I have hit the payment button?

Sadly not. Once you hit order, our hard-working team will get busy preparing your lovely shots into the correct size and frame to get them out to you ASAP. If you absolutely must change your order, get in touch at info@frameclub.co.uk and we'll do our best to help.


ARGHHHH I need to cancel my order what do I do?

Seriously?! You need to move fast. We can only accept a cancellation within an hour of your order as it is already being processed through our system. After an hour it is loaded up and ready to rock and past the point of no return.


I must be missing something – I need some help here!

We’ve designed Frame Club to be simple and intuitive but we know sometimes that it can all be a bit overwhelming. Best bet is to drop us a quick email if you would like us to walk you through it.